Forum Picks – Oversaturated Graphics


Like you might know, Dev Diary 4 brought a whole bunch of new screenshots with it yesterday. It seems that the devs are changed the saturation to lot more bright and cartoony. The fans are now complaining that the game looks too unrealistic. You can see the difference down below.

Old screenshot:




Co_martsu from the Colossal Order answered:

First thread: “Hey everyone! Great to see you sharing your ideas about the look of the game. Let’s see what we come up with next, we are in alpha after all ;)”

Second thread: “Graphics is one thing that is difficult to agree on.. Some want realism and some more light hearted visuals. It’s impossible to please everyone so we just have to follow our own vision.

At the moment we’re experimenting and working toward finding the final look of the game as there’s still plenty to be done with the colours and the lighting. The tilt shift is also a temporary version and will be tweaked with the option of turning it off completely.

I trust our creative team to make the game look fabulous when it’s ready and I hope you will like it too ;)”

Read more (forum links):

What do you think about the new graphics? 🙂


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