Forum Picks – Road related Questions & Answers


“Avyensie” asked on Paradox Forum some questions related to roads and “TotalyMoo” from Paradox tried to answer them. You can read the whole thread here.

– Will these be all of the roads you plan to release at launch? If not, what are you going to be adding to this?
To my knowledge yes, this is what we’re going with. If anything will be added it will most likely be a variation of an already existing road type. So for example dirt roads with sound barriers, or whatever.

– What is the difference between the grass edge/centre roads and the basic type roads?
Land value / pollution and upkeep cost, mostly.

– What exactly is the effect of noise pollution on your city? For example: What happens when I place a very busy highway in the middle of a residential area?
Land value will drop drastically, people that can afford it will move out or be very unsatisfied and start complaining. Also health issues might start appearing, living next to a highway isn’t good for you.

– Will there be tunnels?
Currently being discussed, but it’s definitely high on our to-add-if-we-have-time list. If not at launch then most probably shortly thereafter.

– Will all types of bridges be able to have intersections (on and off ramps for highways)?
90% sure this is a yes, unless I have misunderstood the question. Please elaborate.

– No toll roads?
Not specifically with toll stations, but you could probably make a policy that tolls specific road usage.

– Will the game rely on roads heavily for transportation in the way that SimCity does? e.g. Are people more likely to take a car to work than a train?
Many many factors play in here. Public transit availability, residence and work location, policies, education levels (?), traffic load etc. If you make it a good option to take the train to work, then a Cim should do that.

– How many different types of vehicles will we be seeing on the roads at launch?
So maybe not a complete answer but expect stuff like transport trucks, service vehicles, commercial vehicles (like the donut truck), heavy transports (between industries or from outside the map), taxi’s and normal cars, vans and so on. Pretty much what you expect in a normal city.

– Where will people be parking?
Where ever they are able to, so on roads with parking spaces, in parking houses, by their workplace/home if possible. They can’t park where ever they want, though.


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