Known bugs at launch

Nope, the launch will not be perfect, and it’s totally understandable. Here are some known bugs on the game at the moment.


  • 16:9, 16:10, 21:9 and 4:3 ratios are supported. This can result in black borders when playing with a TV. To use a custom resolution, launch the game from the command line. Some UI clipping can occur if the
    game is played with a non-supported resolution.
  • Trophy icon on saved games means they have achievements enabled.
    Saves that use or have used mods do not have achievements enabled.
  • Space Elevator is highlighted in the Public Transport Info View, but
    it’s missing a line in the legend to tell of how many people use it.
  • Splash screens cannot be skipped with a mouse click.
  • On Windows the default fullscreen mode is borderless window which
    means that some third-party features such as G-Sync don’t activate. You
    can start the game in exclusive fullscreen mode if you force it to use
    DirectX9 instead of DirectX11 by adding -force-d3d9 as a launch
    parameter. However, there seems to be problems with 4K resolution when
    using DirectX9.
  • All texts do not update “on the fly” when language is changed from the options. The game requires restart to update the texts.
  • Ships can cross dams and go through low bridges.
  • Planes can fly through tall buildings.
  • VERY steep cliffs in the map editor can make textures break open.
  • On OSX, some hardware have trouble with the Steam overlay in game.
    If the textures disappear when the overlay shows up, just disable the
    Steam overlay from the game properties in the Steam client until we work
    out a patch.
  • Asset Editor: some assets such as public transport can be imported
    and customized, however, they will currently not be functional if placed
    in the game.
  • Asset Editor: It is not possible to assign thumbnails for intersections and parks at the moment.
  • There is no easy way to Update an existing item you have previously uploaded on the Steam Workshop at the time being.

(From Paradox forum, thanks TotalyMoo)


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