Everybody gets zen gardens

“In short; we goofed, majorly, on the sendout of keys to the promo item
“Zen Garden” that was rewarded to people that signed up to our
pre-launch newsletter. A whole lot of people ended up not getting their
item which is obviously a bad thing.

It was intended to be a one-time exclusive just like pre-order items or
stuff we’d give away at conventions. Alas, with the extra struggle that
appeared with the missing keys, we decided this shouldn’t be the case.

So we’re giving it to everyone.

We’ll update both the standard and deluxe versions to include this item
by default. As we’re working with the Steam backend it might take a
little while for it to update, but expect it to pop up in-game (under
parks) some time today.

Please note that we’re not planning to make a habit out of giving away promo items to everyone. This is a one time thing.

The Cities: Skylines Team

Original text


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