Bigger updates coming: “April Progress Update”

“April progress update” from Cities: Skylines team:

Greetings Chirpies!

Firstly, we would like to give you all our most heartfelt thanks for the
support and feedback we have received since releasing Cities: Skylines
roughly a month ago.

Great passion brings a lot of interesting questions, the main one being “how do we react to this?”

Today I am going to give you a bit of clarity of what to expect from our
team the coming time. We appreciate your understanding and trust in us
to deliver the best of experiences for our global community.

The next planned update for Cities: Skylines will be the most substantial to date, adding new features, gameplay tweaks, improvements and more fun stuff! Many of you know it as the “tunnels and wall-to-wall buildings update” that will eventually be added to the game for free.

As the update is a lot bigger than what we’ve previously released it’s
also going to be in development and QA for a longer time – meaning
there’s going to be at least a month before it’s ready to be launched.

We take community feedback into consideration while we continue to work
on this update. The team appreciates all the suggestions we have
received so far so keep it coming!

Our two post-release patches have solved the vast majority of
critical technical issues experienced by players. Most remaining issues
either require a substantial amount of time to track and solve, are only
appearing for a small number of users – or most commonly are caused by a person’s mod usage.

Got a technical issue with the game? Please do not hesitate consulting our forums
for workarounds or fixes – alternatively contacting our support
department (a solution we recommend doing after you have checked the
forums). Please see the instructions to reporting an issue to help us help you.

Meanwhile – please keep the feedback, suggestions, thoughts, mods, ideas and passion flowing.

And stay awesome.

The Cities: Skylines Team


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