Little “Big Update“ info

Little Q&A from Paradox forums, questions by Simify. Answered by TotalyMoo. Link

-This patch is supposed to be here within a month
Incorrect. The stated time in the April Update thread is “at least a month”, which implies a month or longer.

-The design phase for the most complex and largest feature of the patch [Wall to wall buildings] is not finished yet
Correct, although you phrased it as “has not begun” which is of course incorrect.

-You are adding a new building type entirely before solving variety problems with the existing types
Strawman. Things are being worked on side by side. And for the record we do not see the same issues with existing building types as you do.

-The choice to make these things and not release any bug fixes until they’re done was made before the design phase started
Incorrect. The design of W2W buildings has been in the works for a long
time. The update will come with a large amount of fixes together with
the new content.

-Cities Skylines is missing Traffic algorithms and assets that are
standard in the Cities in Motion series, and has traffic algorithm bugs that are not present in those titles

It works differently, yes. Cities: Skylines is not Cities in Motion 3.
Still, we are looking for ways to improve traffic which has also been
stated previously.


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