Colossal Order‘s next title will be a simulation game

The CEO of Colossal Order, Mariina Hallikainen, said in Wolf’s gaming blog’s interview:

“We have some very secret ideas about what
we want to work on next. It will be a simulation game, it’s really our
thing, but something different from what we have worked on before.“

She mentioned that they will start a new project soon, and work simultaneously with both games.

“We plan to take on a new project simultaneously with the continued development of Cities: Skylines“

CO is also hiring more staff.

“We will still keep the team size small. We’re planning to go no higher than 18 employees in total for now.“

How about switching to a different publisher?

“It’s true that Paradox has published all of our games. I
see our partnership being very beneficial to both of us and I know they
feel the same way. I believe we’ll make great games together in the

>All quotes from Wolf’s gaming blog’s interview<


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