June Progress Update

Greetings my dear Chirpies!

How’s summer treating you? Got any exciting plans? I’d love to hear
what’s going on in the lives of my community so feel free to share.

On our end things are progressing at a good pace. Colossal Order are working on things and
we at Paradox spend most our time crying because this *#%&! spring
won’t end and give us temperatures over 10 degrees Celsius, oh and of
course we’re doing that ol’ publishing stuff too!

So – the question on everyone’s mind – what’s happening going forward?

First and foremost it’s important to know that many of us are going on
summer vacations/leave which means there will be periods of decreased
activity and responsiveness. Personally I’ll be gone for the most part
of July, luckily Jonathan/Azurespecter will be covering for me. Please
set your expectations accordingly.

Secondly we will be releasing a bugfixing oriented patch (1.1.1) some
time this summer. We don’t have a defined release date yet. I’ll be
posting a list of what it’s going to fix closer to release. We highly
appreciate your continued efforts to inform us about the ongoing issues
and bugs in our game.

And finally there will be some fun community competitions (with prizes!) starting soon. We’re currently brainstorming this in a reddit thread and would like to get your input too!

Once again we would like to thank you for the immense support you all
have shown us and the positive energy that has been flowing since
launch. Yes, that includes everyone that has feedback, criticism and
improvement suggestions too  

Have an awesome summer, and best of luck with your city projects!

Oh, and massive shoutout to our modders, community moderators, the
people that run our fansites, everyone that keeps translating our
information, that guy who answers tons of questions on Facebook, the
subreddit mod team, you streamers and YouTubers, the groups that did an
awesome job of updating mods and informing people after 1.1, our avid
bug reporters – and everyone else that has in some way contributed to
building, assisting, maintaining or caring for our community.


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