Modding API news, patch 1.1.1 coming soon

According to John a.k.a. TotalyMoo, the Cities: Skylines team is still working on a system which should help them to work with modders. In the future they want to make sure that the most popular mods work at patch day. He also reveals that the next patch (1.1.1) is coming very soon.

Read the whole post here:


We’re still working on building a system where we can co-operate with
our modders before updates in order to make sure the most popular ones
are compatible at patch day.

Meanwhile we are doing our best to supply the necessary information about changes that affect mods prior to updating. As we’re real close to our upcoming bugfixing patch, here’s what has changed.

At, I added the section “Custom options/settings for mods” near the beginning of the main page for quick access.

Also added the OnSettingsUI signature to the main page
and a link on both those location to which is where the new content lays.

From our own Damien/Damsku:

“They should get rid of whatever hooks they have which allows them to
add items to the options panel or duplicate it so that they can have
their own options in there.

Instead, they need to implement the method "public void OnSettingsUI(UIHelperBase helper)” in their IUserMod definition"

Please let us know if there’s any confusion on these changes, and do not upload your new mod versions before the patch is live.

The Skylines Team


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