Patch is live – 30 new buildings, auto save and pedestrian tunnels!

Let’s enjoy our new patch, you might have to disable your mods. 🙂

Today we are very happy to bring you a bug-fixing oriented patch aimed
to address some of the most common issues and points of feedback. Of
course, as with any patch, not every problem has been solved – yet we’re
satisfied with the list of fixes that has been achieved.

Once again we would like to give you all our most heartfelt thanks for
the amazing amount of feedback, bug reports and support you’ve been
giving us. It helps us greatly not only with information but also

Mod compatibility in 1.1.1b

Due to some improvements with how mod-specific options are displayed
in-game a fair amount of popular mods will be incompatible with 1.1.1b.
We recommend using the steam launch options




the mod creators have done the necessary, albeit very small, changes.
More info on what needs to be done by our modders can be found


Meanwhile we’ll be doing our best to list the known incompatible popular mods below.

  • Traffic++ (mod creators are notified)

Patch notes

  • Added 30 new buildings (growables)
  • Added tunnels for Pedestrian path
  • Improved error handling for when a mod does unholy operations
  • Added “unsubscribe all” button in the Steam Workshop category in Content Manager
  • Fixed De-zoning areas sometimes results in zoned tiles reappearing
  • Fixed trains stuck to map borders
  • New option panel layout
  • Auto-save option added for games
  • Graphics: visual glitches with pavement on steep slopes fixed
  • Fixed polish UI audio volume not fitting the Options panel
  • Fixed the keymapping in all languages not fitting to fit on 2 lines
  • Fixed missing info tooltips for markers (smoke, large smoke, info tooltip shot, invisible parking space and steam)
  • Fixed the “-noWorkshop” toggle to completely disable the Steam workshop integration
  • Fixed mouse wheel to scroll the build toolbar
  • Added shutter sound to snapshots in map editor
  • Fixed left and right mouse button references in all languages
  • Ability to reset keybindings to default without losing all other settings
  • Installing multiple workshop items at once should not freeze the game anymore
  • Dedicated options space for mod settings (IUserMod.OnSettingsUI(), added checkbox, button, slider and dropdown support) –
  • Asset editor: Added new thumbshot and infoshot tools for capturing thumbnail and infotooltip images, respectively
  • Asset editor: Automatic snapshot, thumbshot, and infoshot are taken
    when opening the save panel for an asset (unless the user already took
  • Asset editor: Save asset panel now has the ability to select which to use of available thumbnails and infotooltips
  • Asset editor: Trailer and LOD colors show correctly in the editor when editing color variations
  • Asset editor: Removed color variation property from trees since it is not used by the game
  • Asset editor: Optimizations on saving/loading custom assets
  • Asset editor: Fixed a bug where creating several new assets during
    the same session would get the same ID, resulting in e.g. snapshots
    going to the same folder
  • Asset editor: Fixed additional polygons sometimes appearing in the models when scaling and/or rotating models
  • Asset editor: Scaling the model larger no longer makes it vanish from the preview camera
  • Asset editor: Overriding only some of the lod textures (e.g.
    assetname_lod_d) now works again without having to override any of the
  • Asset Editor: Railtracks now available in Intersection editor
  • Asset Editor: Loading an asset does not reset the previously entered description
  • Asset Editor: Level 2 specialized industrial buildings can now be imported and edited
  • Design: Now possible to see what all future milestones unlock
  • RUS/GER: Fixed the “View on steam workshop” text cut-off in Content Manager.
  • Fixed trucks stop and wait outside cargo train station, blocking traffic
  • Added population info in the load panel for new save games
  • Important note: This takes a few minutes to go into effect on old saves experiencing this issue. Please let it work its magic!

As per usual, please let us know if you experience any new issues with this patch.

Your friends at CO and Paradox


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