1.1.1c patchnotes and screenshots posted to internet revealed that we might get taxis in the future. Taxis “can be unlocked” at the population of 2400.

-Removed taxis displaying in the milestone Unlocking panel, even though they were not available

CSL Community Manager TotalyMoo claimed that it is an old part of the game, and it’s not coming back.

It was an older, incomplete, part of the game that somehow made it back in. Taxis are not planned right now.

TotalyMoo, Reddit

But, Paradoxplaza forum member marodeur was looking at the source code and found “TaxiAI” and “TaxiStandAI“ there. Thanks Shelltoe for this pic. 🙂

The answer was:

Just remember that code snippets aren’t a promise to add any particular
thing. CO works on lots of things, and not all of it gets used. Pretty
sure you are all intelligent and mature enough to know this, but I just
want to make sure.

Azurespecter, Paradox forums

Is it true or are they just hiding the upcoming expansion? Who do you believe, can we see taxis in the future?


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