First Hotfix patch released for After Dark (1.2.1-f1)

Patch notes:

Fixed an issue where the game loading could get stuck if a custom asset created prior to the unique building category feature was subscribed.
– Asset editor: the offset of the car lights for night time caused the lights to always show from the center of the car. Now they are at the right position.
– Asset editor: the position of the car lights at night time are now exposed in the properties panel.
– Asset editor: the properties panel now support dragging of a float value so it is easier to visualize position. If an horizontal blue arrow appears when hovering the name of a field, click and drag to increase/decrease the value instead of typing it directly.
– Asset editor: the default category selection when selecting a car template was incorrect, now it is correct.

The update should be rolling out right now. They are also working on other bugfixes that are coming later.


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