Traffic++ and Network Extensions mods will combine – Big mod project starting

everyone. Yes, the rumour is true: The mods are being merged in to a
new mod, and there’s a whole bunch of developers, artists and minions
involved in the project.I just want to clear up some concerns we’ve seen already posted both
here and over on github. Namely, can parts of the mod be switched off?
And the answer is YES: Every single component of the mod is optional and can be switched off via its options. For the most part, features can even be switched on and off whilst in-game :)Also, the mod is a complete re-write from the ground up. Every line
of code, every prefab, every texture – all digitally remastered :PI won’t say any more for now as to what features will be in the first
release, or how many mods are merging (you thought it was just two?)
but there will be more news coming in a couple of weeks*.*unlessCOreleaseanotherpatchinwhichcasemyheadwillgentlygravitatetowardsthetablerepeatedlywhilstmutteringinahithertounknownlanguage.

aubergine10 on reddit


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