New patch for Cities: Skylines (1.4.1)

A new patch for Cities: Skylines has arrived. This time it’s only bugfixes. Older patchnotes can be found here as always:

Patchnotes for 1.4.1:

Fixed: Assets editor ignores vertex colours when a mesh is imported
Fixed: Buses can enter and exit bus stations located at highways with sound barriers
Fixed: Rocks, Trees, and Shrubs can clip through elevated roads and paths when terrain is elevated with Shift Tool
Fixed: Building a Cargo Hub also add weekly Train expenses
Fixed: Expansion 1: Text: The default names of the Souvenir Shops have the word “Souvenirs” misspelled.
Fixed: Text overlap in New Game panel when using Polish language
Fixed: Text goes out of bounds in Load Game panel in several languages
Fixed: Road maintenance pickup has misplaced headlights
Fixed: Placing a Six-Lane Road to the edge of a Train Track cause it to clip through it
Fixed: Map Editor: Environment props could be sorted in different tabs.
Fixed: Asset Editor: UI: Map Editor Environment assets could be sorted in a different tab of the Building Asset Importer.
Fixed: custom water normalmap issue
Added newly proof read and fixed strings
Fixed: localization issues
Fixed: Hovering / floating cars going across map
Fixed: Changing elevated pedestrian path to ground level near elevated road causes visible path level issue
Improvement: Added confirmation window when unsubscribing Steam Workshop items from Content Manager


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