Colossal Order won’t announce a new game title at Gamescom


Mariina Hallikainen at Gamescom in 2014. Screenshot from Gamereactor.

Today we hear kind of disappointing news, since there will not be a new game announcement by Colossal Order at this year’s Gamescom according to Colossal Order CEO, Mariina Hallikainen. Therefore CO is not keeping it’s two year release cycle for its games.

She stated:

“There’s definitely no completely new titles announced at Gamescom by Colossal Order.”

There are several possibilities for the announcement date of the future title. It could happen next year at Gamescom 2017 or even at this or next year’s E3 gaming convention. Everything we know about CO’s future game is that it will be a simulation game. It will most likely be published by Paradox Interactive.

Even though we won’t see a whole new game, a new expansion pack for Cities: Skylines is still strongly expected.


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