Natural Disasters FAQ

Paradox has provided us a nice FAQ which you should probably read 🙂


The free update includes a radio station (GoldFM) with licensed music, which can not be streamed or in let’s plays, because the licence holders will issue copyright claims. Please avoid switching to this station when streaming/doing an LP.

What time will Natural Disasters be available?
Around 15.00 CET / 6 AM Pacific, give or take 20 minutes to account for store updates.

When will the new free update release?
About one hour before release.

Will there be a pre-load?

Will the update/expansion break my saves?

What’s in the Free Update?
The Scenario Editor and Radio station functionality and three stations, are a free update that everyone will get!

What’s in the Expansion?
Disasters and all their related mechanics, five pre-made scenarios and more! Detailed info here

Will the update/expansion break mods?
There’s always a risk that new game updates can break mods. Please give the modders some days to update their creations.

Since the update/expansion I’ve got problems! What do I do?
Firstly, always disable all mods and custom assets and then restart the game and try again. If the problem persist, please contact our support.

I don’t have any disasters in game, when will disasters activate?
Disasters are unlocked at Milestone 2.

I’m at Milestone 2 and no disasters are triggered?
Try adjusting the frequency and/or turning random disasters on and off. You can also try triggering a manual disaster.

What’s Relaxation Station?
It’s a completely new radio station which is not included in the free update of the radio feature. It includes 20 new songs, a new dj host called Jason and is sold separately as a music DLC for 3,99$ for those who want more new music directly. The genres are: lounge, groove, jazz and caribbean vibes (bossa nova like).



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