Paradox silently increases game prices (Updated)


Players have reported that Paradox Interactive has increased the prices throughout their games and DLC portfolio. Many popular titles such as Europa Universalis IV and also Cities: Skylines have gotten price raises. The price increases have particularly hit developing countries since in many cases the game prices have more than doubled. Instead of the 499 rubles that Russian people had to pay previously for Cities: Skylines, nowadays the poor Russians have to spend a whopping 1053 rubles. European Union members are asked the most when it comes to Cities: Skylines: 29,99€. It is about 13% more than what the residents of US currently pay and the equivalent of 33.60 US Dollars. Previously the EU price was 27,99€, equivalent to 31.38 dollars.

Many have criticised the decision to raise the prices on games this old. Even some almost ten year old games like Europa Universalis: Rome are affected. Some players are outraged and it’s starting to show on Steam reviews. Paradox’s famous DLC policy has already been bashed previously for the ridiculous amounts of expensive addons. Currently all DLC for Europa Universalis IV costs roughly 270€.


Recent reviews for Europa Universalis IV are mostly negative.

Thanks to a Paradoxplaza forum user Whiteshade we have a list of affected countries:

European Union
Hong Kong
New Zealand
Saudi Arabia
South Africa
South Korea
United Kingdom

Paradox has responded but the forum users don’t seem very impressed. Paradox Forum Manager TinyWiking got an overwhelming amount of disagrees by writing this response:

Hey gang,
As you have noticed prices for our products have increased in certain regions around the globe and this is something we’ve intentionally done. The reason for this is to make our prices match the purchasing power of those areas, as well as create a more equal price point for our products across the globe.

Our prices have remained pretty much the same for several years and it’s only natural for us to re-evaluate price points at regular intervals based on the strength of various currencies, fluctuations in world markets and many other factors. This is something that all publishers do and we are no exception.

Sadly this means that the price has gone up for certain regions and whilst this is something we’d like to avoid, it’s necessary to keep our price point more in line with our other markets. We sincerely apologize for any frustration this may cause and hope you can understand why we are doing this.

In April 2017 the avarege wage in let’s say, Brazil was 635 US dollars. Cities: Skylines isn’t that expensive of a game but even it would now take a 28$ cut out of the wage. What do you think about this move? Are the price hikes justified?

Update: Paradox has rolled back it’s pricing changes! Read the letter from CEO:


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